Mermelstein Video on MediaMatters

NYC 2007 (by URBAN PHOTOS) Todd Deutsch first blogged this nearly a year ago, and I just found out about it today. A great video interview from January, 2003 with Jeff Mermelstein about his photography, in particular, a discussion of his photos from 9/11.

Be a pal and record the stream (if you have those tech skills) and put it up on gootube, so we can all watch it without restrictive “Real” plug-ins, eh?

Photo of Mermelstein by Matt Weber.

3 thoughts on “Mermelstein Video on MediaMatters”

  1. I’ve been bumping into Jeff for years since we live in the same area,
    but I never followed him around and watched him shoot, because
    I didn’t know he was such a great photographer.
    (maybe I should’ve!)

    I can’t get the real player to work, so I’ll be patient till it gets youtubed…

  2. Sadly the large link doesn’t connect, and the small “56k” link connects — but to a video about latino workers’ rights. Any luck on an alternative edition?

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