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Tate Modern currently has an exhibit called “Global Cities” which looks at density, pollution, and quality of life in Cairo, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mumbai, São Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo. There are sculptures and the requisite Gursky(s), but I appreciated Kendall Geers “Suburbia” pics that catalog security devices outside suburban homes in Johannesburg, and Dean Sameshina’s “street” work from Los Angeles.

Most relevant to 2point8 and this “video street photography” idea, was an eleven minute video from Eva Koch called “NoMad” that documents worshippers crossing to and from church along a sea wall in India.

Eva Koch, from “NoMad”

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  1. re Kendall Greers: you might enjoy Ivan Vladislavic’s book, Portrait with Keys, a wonderful collection of observations of street life in Johannesburg in front of and behind the locked gates. Not photographs, but many resonant textual snapshots.

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