HP’s Street Photography Contest

I’m not sure what to make of this street photography contest called “HYPE“, judged by Magnum president Stuart Franklin. Looks like a way for HP to harvest qualified leads, while carroting “the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Recontres d’Arles photography festival in July 2007.”

A spray-painted fence, a wall flaky with peeling stucco, a paper bag in the wind, a broken sign: strange, moving, disturbing, witty, banal, or anywhere in between.

If they’re looking for a “significant archive of street photography online” in the UK, there’s already in-public. Alas, quantity trumps quality yet again. Is that the curse of user-generated content? Warning: Hype’s navigation is experimental.

Article/pressrelease about the contest here.

One thought on “HP’s Street Photography Contest”

  1. That navigation is wild. Pretty cool if for no other reason that it is a change from the norm. Definately quantity over quality though. The funky navigation is probably what kept me looking for a long as I did.

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