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A quick post with links and items that have bubbled-up in email or here in the comments on 2point8 over the last few days. Richard Kalvar says there’s a forthcoming book (in the UK and US) and exhibition of his work, following on the heels of what’s currently showing in Paris. I look forward to seeing (and hopefully reviewing) that book.

Niels Neilsen writes with an optimized pdf for the out-of-print Winogrand Interview. I’ve replaced my version with the one from Niels, which has a smaller footprint and is indexable – though I couldn’t export a complete or accurate plain text version. Thanks, Niels!

If you’re having trouble printing the Winogrand Interview, Arne from Germany sent in a version that works with old printers, apparently. Thanks, Arne!

On April 14th, Mike Peters has a show called “Street Stories” opening in New Jersey at the Patterson Museum. Mike’s been shooting for a few decades and has great work from now and then. I like coming across photographers like Mike who have these deep archives from the 70s and 80s. Follow Mike on his website, or on flickr. Good luck, Mike!


Cary Conover writes with word of this video of Koudelka at the Aperture signing last week. Quite a scene:


And Vimeo finally got around to pulling the Winogrand Video, so I’ve edited the post to display the better, more hi-res source. If you’ve embedded the vimeo version, you’ve probably noticed it’s disappeared, too!

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