Three from the Final Four

Going into this past weekend, I didn’t realize I’d have a limitless opportunity to candidly photograph basketball fans who were descending on Atlanta. Downtown went from ghostly to jam-packed overnight.

On the technical side, I’ve been wanting to write about the democratic nature of a twin-lens, and how sociable and fair my old Rollei feels (even with flash), but I’ll save that for another day.

I’m sorting through scans from the weekend, and am posting some (with outtakes) on flickr, working on creating a new series for my portfolio.

Here’s three. Thanks for looking.




4 thoughts on “Three from the Final Four”

  1. I really like that top one of the guy in the red shirt. I saw it on flickr this morning as well. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the tlr versus slr/rangefinder shooting in this situation.

  2. I wish you would talk about the use of the Rollei . I’ve noticed the flash. It’s an interesting turn and an adjustment, I suspect, to having to *make* images in an environment where it can be hard to find them. I’ve been experimenting with a Hassleblad a friend loaned me. I think I know what you mean about the “friendliness” of it. You just can’t be sneaky, but the machine is so imposing that, so far anyway, people are nice about it. The pictures I’m making with it seem, at best, quite unlike the 35mm images. And strangely, more like the academic images that come out of university art programs! Eek!

  3. Yeah, Chuck, I’ll get to it soon. No new news, really, but everytime I use the tlr I’m amazed at how it seems to level the playing field, rather than give the photographer the upperhand. At least in the moment of photographing.

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