Papageorge at Pace Macgill

I’m told Tod Papageorge’s “Passing Through Eden” show opens at Pace Macgill in NYC tonight (Tues the 3rd), though they haven’t updated their site just yet. The show’s up through May 12th. New York Magazine has an article and a slideshow to follow-up on other Papageorge links concerning his forthcoming (and long awaited) book(s).

Looks like I’ll get to see it the day before it closes.

Tod Papageorge, from “Passing Through Eden”

2 thoughts on “Papageorge at Pace Macgill”

  1. I remember seeing his pictures back in the 70’s and being blown away by them — he was one of the first people I can remember to use something larger than 35mm for street photography and he was taking pictures that had all the serendipity and required all the reflexes of the best small camera work. And then he just disappeared, reappearing only as an editor of Winogrand’s “Public Relations”. Another one of these neglected photographers from the 70’s to have a recent exhibition and book is Charles Traub. I’m glad to see them again. I may get over it, but I tend to think the 80’s and 90’s were the dark ages of photography.

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