If you have a photoblog, chances are Todd Gross beat you to it. When I started 2point8, I made sure to put Gross’ site quarlo.com in the footer down there, even though it had grown dormant. Quarlo launched in March, 2001, which preceded the “it’s September 12th, I need a photoblog” rush later that year. (Interesting to see who else was already up and running by then; Lucas Shuman, David Gallagher and others).

from quarlo.com

In looking at his site again now, it looks like he switched from digital to film soon after that. I don’t know Todd, or anything about him (he’s a photographer in New York with a photoblog) but he’s begun posting pictures again, and I’ll be watching to see what comes next. If you’re interested in a very particular (and often cross-processed) eye on the streets, he’s uploading new work to flickr; if you’re new, drop into the quarlo archives.

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  1. I forgot to mention that Dave Beckerman’s blog went online in ’99 and he’s done urban landscapes and some street work in 35mm, medium format and even some 4×5 and digital. He’s also the only guy I’ve heard of who actually makes a living selling prints from his blog!

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