Winogrand Video Update

Thanks for your mail and comments about the Winogrand Video. I wanted to give a quick shout to Jim Arnold, the man who found the tape on eBay and digitized it to share with the rest of us.

Jim’s photo site is here, and he’s hosting multiple versions (flash & ipod, even) of the Winogrand video. Better resolution!

Thanks, Jim!

Another quick item. I mentioned that I’d seen footage from Moyers’ story in the Szarkowski documentary, but it’s not the case – it’s different footage. Which means there are more clips out there (for someone to dig up) of Winogrand photographing on the streets of Los Angeles in the early eighties. It may have been outtakes from the same production, but there’s no duplication of cuts between the two videos.

Anyone out there know Sandra (Sandi) McLeod? Perhaps she knows the source of the other footage.

More Winogrand on 2point8.

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