Back-to-Back White Corners at New York Times Magazine

In the last two weeks, the New York Times Magazine has published nearly identical editorial portraits from two proficient art photographers, Katy Grannan and Todd Hido.

White corners (with subject listing to the right of the wall-join): the new black.

NYT Mag, by Katy Grannan
Katy Grannan for the New York Times

NYT Mag, Todd Hido
Todd Hido for the New York Times

3 thoughts on “Back-to-Back White Corners at New York Times Magazine”

  1. Irving Penn used to use this sort of technique for some portraits—he said that some subjects found it comforting. He had a very tight space set up to do this though, intentional, rather than the kind of ad-hoc “stand over there” kind of feeling in these photos.

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