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Mark Powell Exhibition in Chicago, April 6th

2point8’s pleased to learn that Mark Alor Powell is having a show in Chicago in a few weeks. You should go if you’re in the mid-west, or anywhere else - like Canada! (Or Atlanta?) It’s at Gallery 40000 on North Peoria.

A selection of Mark’s images for the show are on flickr. For more about Mark’s work, here’s a review of Mark’s book ‘V.I.P.’, which will be available at the show, and a discussion we had awhile back.

Mark Powell in Chicago, April 8th
Mark Powell at Gallery 40000, April 6th - May 5th, 2007

From the gallery press release:

“Mark Powell is a photographer recently transplanted to Mexico City from Detroit. V.I.P. & Selections is a look at life in Mexico City that is at once poignant, serious, humorous and meditative. Combined, they create a cinemagraphic narrative that in effect moves beyond traditional street photography though is still referent to iconic photographers such as Bresson, Levitt, and Shore. Mark’s photographs have a way of being simultaneously epic and intimate. By moving beyond the snapshot aesthetic that is prevalent in contemporary photo-documentation, these are works that allude to something more experiential and honest.”

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