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When I emailed Joerg to let Conscientious know about last week’s Taryn Simon interview on Charlie Rose, I didn’t realize that someone at PBS had been busy uploading nearly everything Charlie’s done in the last ten years or so.

These videos weren’t up a few months ago, but they are now. Here’s a quick and incomplete list of what a search for “photographer” yields. I’ve only watched one of these, so I can’t vouch for their quality (or the inanity of most of Rose’s questions).

If you find others, holler in the comments.

Nachtwey and TIME photographers
Larry Fink (eager to see this)
Gordon Parks
Nat Geo Women & Bruce Weber
Sept 11th photographers
Leibovitz / Avedon
Robert Capa Retrospective
Jill Krementz
Avedon (again)
Taryn Simon

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  2. Oh, thanks so much for these awesome links. The Taryn Simon one was a gem – she’s amazingly well spoken and so articulate about her work.

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