Polaroid Week on F’log (Slack Interview)

Photosharing sites could learn a lot from what Andrew Long’s been doing over on Fotolog’sDaily F’log“. Andrew’s proving that the smart hand of a dedicated editor can filter and create a timely presentation (blog-style) that benefits any online community. (Fwiw: I’ve contributed a book review and the interview below to F’log).

He’s been hosting Polaroid Week this week, for which I had a conversation with Mike Slack. While people aren’t the predominate subject of Mike’s work, I think of him as the explorative cousin of a street photographer – heading out there, not knowing what he’ll find.

Have a look, and subscribe to Andrew’s feed to gauge the (Brazilian!) pulse of Fotolog.

One thought on “Polaroid Week on F’log (Slack Interview)”

  1. wow, thanks, for the link and the interview of course.
    Fotolog’s pulse has broadened these days–now it’s much more Argentinean, Chilean, Mexican, and Castilian!

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