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Slack Smarts

Photography often feels like a scavenger hunt in which there’s no list of what to look for, but there’s a long list tailing you of all the things you’ve already photographed, or things that feel wrung-out and tired, or worse, feel like someone else’s work.

This new interview with Polaroid’r Mike Slack yields a great list of items he tries to avoid photographing. You’ll notice a few of these have crept into Slack’s work.

“I keep a long mental list of things that I try (and often fail) to avoid shooting. That list includes: funny-looking bushes; chain link fences; street signs; arrows of any kind; empty parking lots; painted brick walls; weeds; stairs; shadows; doors; rain gutters; tools; words; hats; the backs of people’s heads; trash; trash cans; empty roads; plush toys; food; loading docks; telephones; cracked sidewalks; shopping carts; manhole covers; water towers; inanimate objects that resemble sex organs; airplanes; shoes; telephone wires; water puddles; clouds; stray dogs; ugly office buildings; brightly colored flowers; the ocean; empty hotel rooms; long hotel corridors; birds; air conditioners; fire hydrants; curtains; framed paintings; crashed cars; cell phone transmitters; and sofa cushions.”

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