Natalie Merchant, the Singing Street Photographer

She sings while she shoots (and pats head while rubbing belly).

Accidentally blew-away the links in the footer today with the Word Press upgrade. Dang!

6 thoughts on “Natalie Merchant, the Singing Street Photographer”

  1. I noticed a brief back-of-head shot of someone who looks like Cartier-Bresson in this video (can’t give the timing as it won’t open for me at the moment).

  2. This is a very old video from ten or 15 years ago. What ever happened to her? I bet she sold the Leica for a couple bowls of crack.

  3. Great link and a very interesting blog you have here running Michael.
    Could it be that I was in love with her…
    Propably. 10 or 15 years ago…:-)

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