At Winogrand’s Cape Kennedy

The strangest thing that happened over the holidays was stumbling across an essay I wrote when I was nineteen on Garry Winogrand, titled “Unsettling Exhilaration at Winogrand’s ‘Cape Kennedy’.” (I also found a vintage Pac-Man pin in a drawer with my baseball card collection.) I had a semester of photographic interest in high school, and I futzed around in a darkroom in college. But I have absolutely no recollection of writing this paper – though it’s hardly a paper, and what’s inside isn’t really writing. I mean, when is exhilaration not unsettling?

Unsettling Exhilaration at Winogrand's Cape Kennedy


The paper’s so old it wasn’t even written on a computer. It was on one of those little sixteen-characters-at-a-time word processors. I didn’t really understand what school was about until my junior year, and it shows. Inside, I misspelled subtlety, demonstrated that I don’t understand narrative irony, and I even made-up a few words like “downess”.

Grade: B –
In response, my professor wrote, “Also, please proofread, the typing looks rushed.”

Weirder still is that I’ve been writing a lot on Winogrand lately. I hope to bring some of that to the web (or elsewhere) soon. Stay tuned.

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