Circling the Wagons

To close out the year, I wanted to say thanks, gather links, and bubble-up a few posts that might have fallen through the cracks of 2006.

From Mark Alor Powell to Alec Soth, I’ve been lucky to have spent time this year talking with my favorite photographers. There will be more of these in 2007. (You know who you are!)

For street photographers who are getting their feet wet, there’s Ways of Working, posts that were the driving force for starting the site. For the curious, there’s the Phyla of Street Photography and Cleverness, the Gold Curse. Two of my favorite commented threads are fairly recent; Stephen Shore on Certainty and Sh*t, and Good Writing on Photography.

I visited the Winogrand archives in Tucson, and I finally got around to talking specifics about No Flash Corner, in case you want to find one of your own in your city. Gus Powell stopped by for a chat. And I wrote two “official” reviews; one for Aperture’s new Martin Parr book, “Mexico“, and the other for powerHouse’s release of Boogie’s “It’s All Good“.

I wanted to say thanks to all of you for visiting, commenting, and especially the personal emails. When I started 2point8, I was spending all of my free time (and more!) photographing the streets of San Francisco. I didn’t know anyone in the city who was pursuing (candid/peopled) street photography with similar enthusiasm, so I started 2point8 to reach out with questions and the occasional answer. I’ve recently relocated to Atlanta, which is not as practical a city for street photography, but I intend to keep 2point8 going “well” into the future.

I’m looking forward to reviewing more books for 2007 (send me your pre-pub list, publisher!) and interviews. In January, there’ll be two reviews of books that I’m pretty excited about. If you’d like to see more writing on photography, there’s always unphotographable. I take pictures too, and in January will be self-publishing a book of photos like this; images that seem a little too large for the web.


Please sign-up for the whileseated mailing list if you haven’t already, and thanks again for participating and keeping an eye out.

4 thoughts on “Circling the Wagons”

  1. yeah, thanks for the great info. ‘ways of working’ and ‘phyla of street photography’ should be mandatory reading for all street photographers, new and old. i’ve gone back to both several times and always find something useful or relevant to my current thoughts…

    keep it up. look forward to the new ’07 reading.

    peace. bryan

  2. I’m glad you intend to keep it up. I’ve enjoyed your posts a lot over the past year, even when they weren’t about me 🙂
    And just to make sure that you have fodder to chew on, your last remark regarding your book obliquely introduces a topic worthy of discussion: how the crappy resolution and small size of web images, along with the tendency of web applications such as Flickr to create incoherent presentations influences the practice of photography.

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