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Jeff Jacobson - A Not Street Street Photographer

I don’t know much about Jeff Jacobson, but I know that I first saw his work a couple of weeks ago in an out of print book called “On the Line: the New Color Photojournalism“. (Article about corresponding exhibit on time.com.) Jacobson’s shots from the Republican National Convention (in the 80s) are outstanding - a perfect example of street photographs that weren’t taken on the street.

© Jeff Jacobson, from “My Fellow Americans…”

My library had his book “My Fellow Americans…“. The images of Jacobson’s in Google images are not as good as what I’ve seen in these two books. Copies of “My Fellow Americans..” can be found used for around 3 bucks. Not bad!

© Jeff Jacobson, from “My Fellow Americans…”

Jacobson was a Magnum member back in the 80s, and then left to start his own agency (I think). I saw a thread that mentioned he’s been ill recently, and another link saying he’s available to shoot weddings.

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© Jeff Jacobson, from “My Fellow Americans…”

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