Jason Fulford at Marcia Wood Gallery

fulford.jpgIf you live near Atlanta (or have had the pleasure of relocating here this fall, wink nudge) definitely make time for Jason Fulford‘s show at Marcia Wood. Here’s why:

* Fulford’s not a street photographer, but he likes to explore. (As a photographer, I prefer work made by other “exploring” photographers, though you can explore without leaving your backyard, I suppose.) In Fulford’s work, you get the feeling that his explorations aren’t about any place in particular. The image is the destination, rather than the place. All of this makes his feel feel like quiet, personal discoveries, writ large.

* Fulford knows the advantages of the frame, in his case, the Hasslebladian square. But there’s something about his squares that do more; it’s as if what’s inside his pictures are in direct conversation with the borders of the frame, and what’s beyond. The effect: pictures like icons, like chapter headings in an undiscovered visual encyclopedia. Or building blocks. Really fantastic building blocks, for adults.

* A back room at the gallery is dedicated to dual slide projectors, which crank through a random sequence of images side-by-side. If I’m correct here, each projector has the exact same slides, but the timing of the shuffle is off, so, like any good generative music experiment, synchonicities and echoes between images develop over time. Each viewing is different. Chaos (or at least chaos within the constraints of 30 or so images on similar themes) reigns.

* There are two walls in back dedicated to art from JandL books publications, and it’s there you’ll find two sparkling, handmade prints by Gus Powell. Gus spent some time here on 2point8 a few months back, and it was great to resume the conversation in real time last night. If you want to see what he’s been up to, check the Lost & Found portfolio on his site. Polaroid’r Mike Slack has a few prints up, and Christian Patterson has a well-saturated (and peopled!) landscape up, too.

* You can join the bidding war for the Beyonce drawing. Beyonce with fangs. Beyonce with fangs. Rawwr.

If you don’t live near, Fulford’s latest book is “Raising Frogs for $$$“. I’ve been looking at it consistently for the last six months, which means it’s a gift that keeps giving, if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas this year…

Pictures over here.

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