Winogrand Sequence

Another quick note from my visit to the Winogrand archive last March.

“* Sheet 7705: The Central Park streaker sequence. The first frames of the streaker are from far off, he’s obscured. W approaches, getting closer, taking frames as he goes. After getting close, he follows the guy around for awhile, and finally, after thirty-one frames, takes this shot.”

from “The Man in the Crowd“, Garry Winogrand

5 thoughts on “Winogrand Sequence”

  1. In my opinion this is a great photograph of someone who did too much acid. In 1971 if you wanted to buy some LSD, you went here, to the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, and there was still plenty of Orange Sunshine available for $2 a hit (Free, if you were a cute girl) If you look at his eyes and the way he’s groping with his hands, it’s probable that he was hallucinating so much, he was virtually blind. I saw this happen many times when someone took one hit too many. The first thing they’d do was take off all their clothes…

    The “Streaking thing” started around 1974 when I was in high school, and I never saw anyone streaking who didn’t have a smile on his or her face, unless they were about to be tackled by some cops…

  2. Looking at this shot there is no question that he got and printed the right one. Still, it makes me curious to see others from the roll either before or after this shot. Do you have any more for context?

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