West Texas

If you have lots of time in West Texas, here’s a list of items that might be interesting to photograph. None of these ideas are special, exactly; they tend toward the “cataloging” style. Each idea might be its own unique kind of boring, but that’s the curse of catalogs, if exhaustive, they’re potentially exhausting.

  • rest areas: a photographic catalog of drivers who’ve returned to rest areas to retrieve an item they left on the roof of their vehicle. Portraits of itemleaver with their item
  • roadkill, one photograph per day from a fixed tripod position, from the first day until the kill’s gone
  • portraits of hunters who utilize the free wireless at Calib’s Cafe in Ozona in pre-dawn, before the hunt. A season of hunters with hot coffee and laptops, essentially
  • ranch gates: ornamentation differences between locked gates vs. open gates
  • a study of the many _noflashcorners_ in El Paso
  • quick and dirty digital photographs of everyone in Ciudad Juarez who crosses the border (on foot, legally) to work in El Paso between the hours of 7 and 8am vs. those who cross the border (on foot, legally) to work in Ciudad Juarez
  • some kind of project involving over-photographing a particular broken windmill –> in such a way that eats the cliche, digests the cliche, and in digesting it, permanently removes the broken windmill from its status as a worthwhile photographic subject
  • unwashed windshields of drivers who have driven the entire 834 miles of interstate 10
  • portraits of drivers who own “WWDJD?” (What Would Donald Judd Do?) bumper stickers

If I wasn’t just passing through, perhaps I could come-up with better ideas!

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