Sylvia Plachy and a Trio (w/ goat)

Are you familiar with Sylvia Plachy? When I think of the great photos I’ve seen in print in the past year, of the twenty or so I can instantly recall, three are by Sylvia Plachy.

Here’s her latest from Sunday’s NYT Magazine. A great street photo taken in a pasture. The other two photos (1, 2) of hers were both in the opening pages of the New Yorker, which features her work on a bi-weekly basis, it seems. Her portraits (many of them taken with a Holga) used to be a regular feature in the Village Voice.

30actress650.2 - nytimes

She has books available (I’ve spied “Red Light” and “Self Portrait with Cows Going Home” at my library) but her recent work grabs me more than the books. Strong in its kinetecism, composition, and the way she seems to be everywhere at once, I learn a little something new every time I take a look.

Here’s an new interview with Ms. Plachy regarding a lecture and exhibit of her work in Atlanta (at Mason Murer) this fall.

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  1. Charlie – If you like great stories in a photobook, check out Eugene Richards’ “The Fat Baby“. All of Richards’ work may be worth it, actually. I just haven’t seen it all at the library.

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