No Flash Explanation

People have asked how to find a spot where they can photograph on the street with reflected natural light, so here’s more explanation. In the city, I’ve found two kinds of reflected light; the kind that bounces into shadow, and the kind that bounces into sunlight. No Flash Corner is the latter. Subjects are brightly lit from two opposing directions at the same time.

All you need for either is a tall, mirrored building that faces the sun. Ideally, it will be surrounded by shorter buildings that can’t block its reflected light.

The other day, I saw something new. A location that due to fog, had no direct sunlight. It was completely in shadow. But, because of reflected light, there were tremendous spotlit areas. Sunlight was able to bounce around the fog, and land on the darkened street.

Here’s what it looks like on paper. If you find something like it where you live and have a flickr account, post them to this group.

I can’t draw.


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