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When I went to see the Winogrand Archives at CCP in Tucson, I didn’t realize that their print collection of his work is so extensive. I did two days with the contact sheets and spent a few hours looking at prints. I saw prints from the Image Gallery Show (Winogrand’s first exhibition, in ’60) and earlier work from the Workshop Gallery (a group show, in ’59), plus all the Women are Beautiful prints. Here’s CCP’s published list (pdf) of his prints that are available for viewing.

The hitch is that the published list is not exhaustive – it only lists well-known prints that were made for exhibition or publication. But CCP houses 20,000 Winogrand prints. The librarians there are very helpful and will help you find what you’re looking for, as long as you schedule an appointment. But there’s no reason to stick with the fine art prints — there are thousands of work prints, too.

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