Assorted Notes, Winogrand Archive

Just a few quick notes of interesting (unpublished) things I saw on contact sheets at the Winogrand archives.

  • Sheets 2463-2440: approximately 1,242 frames from one airshow
  • Sheets 2487-2488: great sequence of Muhammad Ali on Hollywood Boulevard, greeting strangers on the street, a young girl grabbing his hand and pulling him around
  • Sheet 2494: 24 exhausting frames of a young woman in white, chewing her nails, leaning against a waist-high cement wall
  • Sheet 2481: 6 frames of two fat men talking, followed by 5 frames of two skinny men talking
  • PC2223: One of the recurring frames of Winogrand’s daughter, waving at camera from inside a school bus
  • Sheet 723: Contact sheet from the 50s with examples of shots taken from inside cars. Lots of street shots taken from third (or fourth) floor windows. The Bronx? (A lot of Winogrand’s contact sheets from the 50s have shots from this vantage; it’s as if he had to try everything from a distance before descending to the street. Later in life, the cycle repeats, with many shots of the street from inside second-story apartment/home in Los Angeles, as well as from cars.)
  • Sheet 769: A kid playing on the street, upside down inside a cardboard box, his feet sticking out
  • Sheet 600: Surreal sequence from Rockefeller Sq. of another photographer, a marching band, and the large hand of a statue
  • Sheet 601: Another sequence that shows editor’s eye. Girl with bag at feet, looking at camera. Winogrand marks the frame for printing the instant she looks away
  • Sheet 7639: Great street sequence of scowling man and crazy lady
  • Sheet 7664: Miles Davis at Muhammad Ali fight
  • Sheet 10597: A few frames from Yosemite (of all places). Half Dome in the background, kids on bikes and station wagon in foreground
  • Sheet 7785: 14 frame sequence of a couple (with another couple in the background) doing headstand yoga poses in Central Park
  • Sheet 7750: Double-dutch-a-thon on Madison Ave., closed to traffic, open to pedestrians, 1971
  • Sheet 10792: Boy riding a bicycle, wearing a gas mask
  • Sheet PC2223: Great four frame sequence from LA, posthumously-printed, taken from inside a car, of a family standing around their station wagon – while a man (dad?) tries to cram a huge taxedermied head of an Ibis (with full rack) into the back of the car, while a toddler, sitting on top of the head (not the shoulders) of another adult, watches

5 thoughts on “Assorted Notes, Winogrand Archive”

  1. Hi,
    I love Winogrand and really appreciate you sharing your study of his work. I check your blog regularly for new updates. Keep them coming, it is very interesting!
    Thanks a lot,

  2. “24 exhausting frames of a young woman in white, chewing her nails,” and I pause to consider that Winogrand is cranking that film-advance manually for each and every shot. No continuous shooting mode. Jesus.

  3. wonderful stuff man; must remember to keep up with this site. its encouraging when you see something like 1,242 frames from one airshow and 24 frames of a single person…makes me feel like i’m not a complete obsessed geek (yet) 🙂

  4. JH – As far as I could tell, he was a manual cranker. One interesting thing was that one of his cameras appeared to have been modified to maximize the number of shots per roll. Some of the contact sheets had negatives with only a milimeter between frames. Looked like it was on purpose, but who knows.

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