Upcoming Discussions

I’m opening the doors here to include discussions and interviews. First up is Raul Gutierrez, maker of Mexican Pictures. I’ve learned a great deal from looking at Raul’s work. Plus, textually, he’s shown me ways of working when everything’s foreign and remarkable.

My hope is that these discussions show how there are as many approaches to street photography as there are photographers. There are no hard and fast rules. And if you’ve got an eye on the Web and know where to look, you may be able to learn as much here, from current, active photographers, as you might from school, or from an old, dusty book.

I read (in an old, dusty book) where someone said that no one got rich off of street photography. People do it because they’re compelled. Perhaps these discussions can be a resource for those compelled enough to get their feet wet, as well as for those of us who could use a new pair of boots. Stay tuned.

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